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Welcome to Jay Maharaj Money Changer Pvt. Ltd.

Your most friendly Exchange House in Nadiad, the Land of Santram main temple.Your Exchange House, having its registered head office at “Jay Maharaj Money Changer Pvt. Ltd”, Dumral Bazar, Under Punjab National, Nadiad-387 001 offers a host of comprehensive foreign exchange related services to your convenience.Your Exchange house is licensed and regulated by Reserve Bank of India and has been creating waves by putting on an impressive performance right from its inception.

Your Exchange House is totally owned by Mr. Pragnesh Patel & Nisha Patel, Holding US citizen and an Indian with vast knowledge and experience in the field of foreign exchange. He is the driving force with passion and commitment to becoming forerunner in exchange services.Your Exchange house offers highly competitive rates for the currencies of over 80 countries. The emergence of this organization and the liberalizations by the Govt. of India were simultaneous, so that the foreign exchange related services until then offered only by hefty corporate and multinational companies could become easily accessible even by laymen. Enjoying access to those organizations by laymen was an uphill task and the agents and middlemen enjoyed the benefits supposed to be enjoyed by the public.

Your Exchange House leads the market with a high market share serving Public, NRI's, PSU's, Financial Institutions, Money Changers, and Banks. This is really the organization, the competitors look up to and aspire to be like.Backed up by the decade long experience, your Exchange House is well equipped with the state of the art technology to facilitate high quality and faster services to everyone.

Our team consists of qualified financial experts and forex analysts who are committed to deliver results by listening to your specific needs and responding with fast implementation to suit your requirement.Your Exchange House is represented by committed, qualified, highly trained, experienced and multilingual front office staff to communicate and address the specific needs of the customers in a highly professional manner.Your Exchange House has always been focusing on bringing new perspective to our clients, providing them with the latest market trends and research based advices they need in order to provide them competitive edge.Your Exchange House is driven to deliver only the very best to its customers in a highly competitive environment, Its dynamic leadership which always go all-out to deliver value beyond customer’s expectation, has a clear vision to fly high and set an ultimate goal. That is, to emerge as the true symbol of excellence and distinguished Exchange House beyond compare.

Your Exchange House displays currency rates at the counter every now and then and simultaneously posts the same at the in our website also at regular intervals.Your Exchange House could be reached vide websites, www.bookmycurrencies.com which continue to attract large number of visitors everyday from all over the world. In fact our rates are considered to be the market parameter and the guideline prices for everyone. The individuals and the institutions refer to our prices before executing any foreign exchange transactions i.e. buying and selling of foreign currencies.The name “Jay Maharaj ” simply refers to “Foreign Currency” and vice versa. Both cannot be separated from each other in the Forex area of Nadiad.Your Exchange house doesn’t treat you as a mere customer but values as an associate. Our relationship with the customers is not simply built on money, but with an obsession to cater, satisfy and help them realize success as their way of life. Because we feel and believe that our future is based on making the most of them.

The Board Of Directors

  • Pragnesh Patel

    Managing Director

  • Nisha Patel


Core Value

  • 1.

    Team Work

    Our team is supportive of each other’s positive efforts, loyal to one another and bind together to achieve our company’s mission in the interest of all the stakeholders

  • 2.


    We are passionate about our customers, our brand, our products and our people, thereby delivering superior value and excellent services at all times.

  • 3.

    Positive Attitude

    We maintain positive attitude towards our customers and their needs, products and services we offer, to our company and management, our subordinates and peers, spending the most quality time of our life at work with sense of satisfaction.

  • 4.


    All customers and colleagues are treated with mutual respect and sensitivity, irrespective of his color, cast or creed, recognizing the importance of diversity.

  • 5.

    Loyalty and Commitment

    The Jay Maharaj Money Changer Pvt. Ltd team is loyal and committed to all the stakeholders i.e. Customers, Business Partners, Employees, Management and Owners of Jay Maharaj Money Changer Pvt. Ltd.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to be the first choice of the customers in Nadiad and surrounding rural area for Foreign Exchange and Remittance Worldwide through continuous and consistent improvement in:

  • Providing Superior Service Standards.
  • Implementing effective and efficient Processes.
  • Developing innovative solutions to exceed our Customer needs.
  • Attaining mutually beneficial relationship with our associates worldwide.
  • Offering our contribution to the environment and society.
To lead passionately and with determination the expansion of Jay Maharaj Money Changer Pvt. Ltd Brand with diversified products, service oriented team, network of branches, a win-win relationship with global partners while utilizing the rich expertise and experience of our company’s management, in the interest of all the stakeholders.

Why Choose JMMS's Money Exchange Service

  • Best online currency exchange for USD/INR, GBP/INR, EUR/INR, SGD/INR, AUD/INR, CAD/INR, NZD/INR, SGD/INR, Also provide currency convertor.
  • We offer high currency exchange rates in selling and top currency exchange rate in buying.
  • Best foreign exchange quotes for dealer.
  • We offer best currency exchange advise at our offices without any consulting charge.
  • We offer historical forex charts on our website.
  • Jay Maharaj offer currency exchange online in Nadiad , Anand , Bandhani and all over kheda district and Anand district.
  • No commissions on all foreign currency orders.
  • We deal with all currency broker in country so our valuable customer get excellent foreign currencies prices.
  • We offer conversion for international payment.
  • Competitive rates of buying and selling.
  • Door Step delivery* and branch pick up options.
  • Pay Small amount now and book currency.
  • 24hr delivery in Nadiad from Jay Maharaj Money (P) Ltd.
  • Transparent, Honest and Fair dealing.
  • Destination Currencies, Travellers cheque & Forex Cards.
  • Time saving on currency exchange transaction compared to Banks and other money changers.
  • Add on services such as money transfer through Western Union, MoneyGram, TransFast, Express Money and miscellaneous remittances.
  • Availability of multiple currencies of various countries.
  • Multiple payment options at Jay Maharaj Money (P) Ltd.
The most preffered company providing travel money.
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