Bank Transfer

Telegraphic Transfers & Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers are considered most secure, reliable and globally accepted remittance mechanism in the world today. We send your money through Banks, which are member of a SWIFT Organization (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). Our banks wide network of correspondent banking relationship numbering more than 250 with the world's top banks covering virtually every part of the world ensuring transfer of funds of any amount covering all major currencies.

How does it work ?

  1. Send us a cheque (may take couple of days) or send money through NEFT / RTGS from your local bank to our correspondent bank.
  2. Ensure that your local bank mentions your account number, name address and purpose of remittance in the payment message to avoid any delay in processing your transaction.
  3. Provide us Swift / BIC Code of receiving bank and country for remittances.

Definition of Close Relatives

We may execute the remittance transactions under “Maintenance of Close Relatives” on the basis of definition of “Relative” to include ‘Husband and Wife’ and the following relatives:

2.Mother (including step-mother).
3.Son (including step-son).
4.Son's wife.
5.Daughter (including step-daughter).
6.Father's father.
7.Father's mother.
8.Mother's mother.
9.Mother's father.
10.Son's son.
11 Son's Son's wife.
12.Son's daughter.
13.Son's daughter's husband.
14.Daughter's husband.
15.Daughter's son.
16.Daughter's son's wife.
17.Daughter's daughter.
18.Daughter's daughter's husband.
19.Brother (including step-brother).
20.Brother's wife.
21.Sister (including step-sister).
22.Sister's husband.

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