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As per the Reserve Bank of India statutes the Business traveller can avail of foreign currency notes, travellers cheques and prepaid travel currency cards up to USA $25,000/- per business trip in a variety of currencies. With Sophesticated Services Available with Jay Maharaj Money Changer Pvt. Ltd. one can easily releive of all the other requirements and concentrate on their Travel.

Reserve Bank of India Statutes


  • Employees sponsored by firms/companies/organizations in India .
  • Journalists deputed on short-term assignments abroad by newspaper companies.
  • Self-employed professionals going abroad for professional visits.
  • Participation in international conferences/seminars.
  • Specialized training/study tour sponsored by institutions or undertaken by professionals.

Quantum of Exchange

  • Avail up to a maximum of USD 25,000 per trip (maximum of 8 trips in a financial year) or its equivalent irrespective of period of stay.
  • Currency component maximum of USD 3000 (May 04 Notif (ication) equivalent per visit.


One time documentation

  • Copy of partnership deed/Memorandum & Articles of Association/Certif(icate of Incorporation depending on constitution of business entity.
  • Copy of Shop & Establishment license/VAT registration/Service Tax Registration etc of the entity availing foreign exchange.
  • Authorization letter – Format available with Jay Maharaj Money Changer Pvt. Ltd. .
  • Copy of valid photo Ids of authorized signatories as mentioned in the authorization letter.

Transaction Documents

  • $_GET letter from the corporate on company letterhead signed and stamped by authorized signatory of the company.
  • In case of travel for a Conference / Seminar, the brochure giving full particulars of the Conference / Seminar should be submitted along with the application.
  • In case of travel related to training / study tours, details of training/study tour along with letter from the overseas institution agreeing to provide necessary facilities for the training and certif (ying that the expenses are being borne by the organization.


Only A/c Payee cheque/DD/Pay order accepted subject to its realization.Cheques should be issued only from the company that sponsors the trip of the traveler.

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