Travelers Cheque

Travelers cheques can be bought in stipulated denominations, and can either be exchanged for cash at authorised outlets, or used directly for across the counter payment at shops, hotels and other participating establishments. Brands.We are buyers of American Express Travelers cheques.


Your best choice for currency would be that of the destination country. Travelers Cheques are available in US Dollars, Sterling Pounds, Euros, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Japanese Yen and Swiss Francs. If traveler's cheques of your destination are not available, US Dollar travelers cheques would be the next best option. Like cash, you can save unused traveler's cheques for future use or surrender within 180 days from the date of your return. Please treat your traveler's cheques like you would treat your cash.

For your protection

  1. Please sign each cheque once immediately upon receipt or you are not protected in case of loss of theft.
  2. You must not countersign any cheque until the time of encashment in the presence of the acceptor.
  3. Your traveler's cheques are valuable - safeguard them against loss or theft as you would your own cash.
  4. When encashing your travelers cheques, please be prepared to show your passport.
  5. Always keep your copy of the Sales Advice in a safe place but separate from your cheques.


On your return, unused traveler's cheques can be converted to cash at the prevailing rates. Incase of lost cheques, please be sure to contact the local issuing office and also the local police within 24 hours and obtain a FIR.


If your travelers cheques are lost or stolen, the issuer will refund their face value provided.

Before Loss

  1. You have signed each cheque at the place marked "Signature of the Holder" in non erasable ink immediately upon receipt, but have not countersigned any of them.
  2. You have safeguarded each cheque against loss or theft as you would a similar amount of your own cash.
  3. You have not parted with the cheques voluntarily or as collateral security.

After Loss

  1. You notify the issuer within 24 hours of the loss or theft of your cheques, and the local police reporting the circumstances of the loss or theft in such details as may be reasonably required.
  2. You supply the Purchaser's Receipt copy of the Sales Advice (PAF), as well as acceptable proof of your identity, when making your refund claim.
  3. You complete the appropriate refund claim documents to reasonable satisfaction and sign them in good faith.
  4. You agree to co-operate in the investigation of the loss or theft, and in any resulting prosecution


  1. The issuer reserves the right to delay refund during investigation of the loss or theft and will not be liable for any loss or expense caused by such delay. In addition, your cheques will not be refunded by the issuer if they have been seized or confiscated by the state government, customs, revenue, police, military or other such officials or personnel.
  2. The issuer shall not be obliged to stop payment of your travelers cheques for any reason whatsoever.
  3. If you recover any cheques which you reported lost or stolen you must return them to the issuer immediately, and if you obtain any information which could assist the issuer to recover them, you must inform the issuer as soon as possible.

These purchase conditions and any disputes which may arise under them shall be governed by the laws of the issuer's principal place of business. These purchase conditions and the cheques you purchased are issued by the company whose name appears on the cheques and on whose behalf the cheques are signed.

Please contact the nearest office (Refer the list below):

North / South America
USA / Canada / Antigua / Bahamas / Barbados / Bermuda Cayman ISI
/ Dominican Rep. / Puerto Rico / US Virgin Island / Costa Rica
/ Montserrat / St. Kitts & Nevis 1-800,221-7282
Turks & Caicos / Grenanda 1-800-828-0366 
Argentina 541-312-1661 
Outside (Buenos Aires) 0800-1611 
Brazil 000-811-543-0555 , 000-811-367-0557 
Mexico 1-800-221-7282 
Other Countries / USA Collect 1-801-964-6665 

Africa and Middle East
Africa / UK Collect 44-1-273-571600 
Middle East / Bahrain 973-256-834 
Israel / Tel Aviv 17744-08694 

Australia / South Pacific
Australia 1-800-251-902 
New Zealand 0800-441-068  Other Countries / Sydney Collect 61-2-886-0689 

Belgium 0800-12112 
France 05-908600 
Holland 06022-0100 
Italy 1678-72000 
Spain 900-99-4426 
Switzerland 155-0100 
United Kingdom 0800-521313 
Germany 013-085-3100 
Other Countries / UK Collect 44-1-273-571600 

Indonesia 0018-036-1005 
Taiwan 008061-1269 
Malaysia 1-800-80463 
Korea 0079-8611-1023 
Singapore 800-616-1389 
Phillipines 1-800-1611-0087 
Hong Kong 800-962403 
Japan 003-1616-416 
Bangkok 662 2730022/5296 
India / New Delhi* 91-11-614920 
Pakistan 9221-263-0260/80 
All other countries all Hongkong collect 001-800-962403 

Refer to your local telephone directory for additional American Express.Travellers Cheque phone numbers or call the USA office collect, 801-964-6665.A local charge will be incurred for this number.

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